15:26 PM

W.I. Dykes Library Showcases Campus Expansion Plan

The W.I. Dykes Library exhibits three expansion visions from our history. The "Not Built in a Day: Visions for Campus Expansion, 1969-2003" exhibit includes, South Texas Junior College's plan for renovation and expansion in 1969, University of Houston-Downtown "Six Year Plan" from 1981, and the Campus Expansion Plan of the early 2000's, which was developed in conjunction with the purchase of the Willow Street Pump Station.

Many of the buildings currently on campus are a result of these plans. There are also some surprising design choices, which were never realized due to economic pressures, other opportunities or even just Houston's climate. It's a fascinating look at the University's ambitions and dreams throughout the past 45 years.

The UHD community is welcome to visit the exhibit at the fifth-floor entrance to the W.I. Dykes Library; the exhibit will run through Dec. 16. To learn more about this exhibition, please visit the W.I. Dykes Library online.