10:40 AM

Welcome Center, Student Services and Garage Project Update

Information courtesy of David Bradley, Administration & Finance.

After a troubled start, UHD's current major facilities project, which will provide a Welcome Center, expanded Student Services space on Level 3, and garage parking for faculty and staff, is making some headway.

The two major issues involved project budget and changes to the project team. Due to a combination of inadequate pre-project cost estimating and being caught in a fast-changing construction-pricing environment, the project budget had to be revised. It was also determined before the winter break that it would be in the University's best interest to change general contractors. Both of these factors have had schedule impact, as the new contractor (Vaughn Construction) has had to go through their own pre-construction planning and secure price estimates from their various subcontractors, while the University has had to revise its project financing plan.

A revised project budget will be presented to the Board of Regents in February and Vaughn should be on-site and working by mid-March. The expectation is that the garage portion of the project will be completed sometime in early spring of 2015.

Until its completion, the University is working to extend the leases on the temporary lots (Lots A & B) so that faculty and staff will continue to have those throughout the project. Other decisions regarding how this will impact the overall parking program for FY2015 will be made this spring, working through the University's Parking and Transportation Committee.