08:13 AM

Using Graduate Certificates to Increase Knowledge, Capabilities of Employees

MBA Program Guest Speaker The University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) MBA program has gone from the smallest to the largest program in the region. In fall 2013, the MBA admitted 80 students. Fast forward to fall 2016, the program consists of more than 1,000 students.

"We attribute the growth in our program to the close connections we have built with companies and industry's recognition that we empower our students to bring increased value to the workplace," said Mike Fields, dean of College of Business.

In addition to phenomenal growth, students are also very pleased with the MBA program. The mean score for students' overall satisfaction is more than 4.1 on a 5 point scale.

Going forward, the UHD College of Business (COB) will promote graduate certificate programs directly to area companies that may benefit from an investment in the knowledge base of their faculty.

Dean Fields challenges the UHD community with a call to action to promote this new initiative.

"If any firms come to mind that you think might like more information about our innovative way to prepare their associates to drive more value to their organization, reach out to us," said Fields. "If you have a within firm contact that we may reach out to, please let us know that as well."

The steps taken to achieve the dramatic MBA program growth was recently featured in an article in BizEd, a publication of AACSB — an accrediting body for colleges of business.

"We are proud of our excellent program and we hope the university community is too," Fields added.

To recommend a company or an individual to the UHD MBA program, please download the Program Referral Form.