12:27 PM

Urban Ed Department Honors Outstanding Student Teachers

The Department of Urban Education recently honored three student teachers with Outstanding Student Teacher Awards for demonstrating exceptional abilities in the following areas:

  • Planning and preparation,
  • Knowledge and presentation of subject matter,
  • Management of instruction,
  • Interaction and communication,
  • Professional image and presentation, and
  • Inclusion of all students.

The students presented lessons, which were videotaped and reviewed by a committee. One of the student teachers chosen will be nominated for the State of Texas Directors of Field Experience Student Teacher of the Year Award, who will be honored at the Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education (CSOTTE) Conference in October 2013.

Those honored included Kaitlyn Faucette-Galaviz, Cheyne Hamilton and Lasundra Witchet-Walker. They are described below in their own words and those of their faculty.

Faucette-Galaviz is a kindergarten student-teacher at Chancellor Elementary in Alief Independent School District (ISD). She is described as a wonderful mentor teacher. She says she feels blessed to be recognized for her teaching techniques and strives to teach not only the material required by the state of Texas, but also life lessons. Faucette-Galaviz hopes to make a difference in her students' lives because her teachers made a difference in hers.

Cheyne Hamilton is a first grade student-teacher also with Chancellor Elementary. Hamilton has worked hard to maintain an "A" average while also being a wife and mother, and working overnight at a hospital. She is dedicated to changing the lives of students and giving back to the community through volunteering. She also feels the UHD staff has given her the support that she needs to be successful in her professional and personal life.

Lasundra Witchet-Walker is an eighth grade math student-teacher at Grantham Academy in Aldin ISD. Witchet-Walker is a determined woman that does not give up on herself or others and doesn't know the word "can't." She possesses a determined character that is built on her faith in God and the love of her family. As a teacher she plans to instill this same endurance and rigor in her students; to encourage them to reach for the stars and beyond the clouds to achieve success.

Kaitlyn Faucette Urban Education student teachers Kaitlyn Faucette-Galaviz, Cheyne Hamilton, and Lasundra Witchet-Walker were honored for their outstanding teaching ability.