15:43 PM

Updated: Outstanding Student Leaders Inducted into New Group, Elite Gators

Student Activities has recently formed a new group of outstanding student leaders on campus. Elite Gators are a premier group of student leaders that represents the epitome of scholarship, leadership and service at UHD. They embody the spirit of the University and serve as leadership role models for incoming students, current peers and the surrounding community. Their primary purpose is to represent UHD as leadership exemplars during university events and to advance leadership opportunities across campus and within the community.

Last week, the first group of students was inducted into the Elite Gators. They are:

  • Genia Barnett
  • Linda Onyirimba
  • Christopher Buys
  • LaCrecia Hinton
  • Brittney Burton
  • John Locke
  • Nikole Amaya
  • Daral A. Moore-Washington
  • Violeta Diaz
  • Chelsea Davila

To be eligible, students must be a full time/part time student with at least 60 complete undergraduate credit hours, have a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or above, be available to attend programs and activities throughout the school year and commit to developing and implementing one major initiative at UHD.

The incentives for being an Elite Gator are numerous. They include promoting and creating leadership initiatives throughout UHD; completing a leadership development curriculum that includes training in etiquette, public speaking, communication, networking, advancement (fundraising), creating change, diversity/global learning (local, regional, national travel), and other pertinent leadership skills; and the ability to wear the distinctive Elite Gator blue blazer.

Check out the pictures below of the newly inducted first cohort of Elite Gators.

Inductees taking the pledge. 

Inductees on the South Deck. Inductees on the South Deck.