10:36 AM

Updated Graphic Standards for Publications, Print, and Email Signatures

As a reminder to faculty and staff, the most recent copy of the Graphic Guidelines document is accessible online. These guidelines apply to all publications, including fliers, posters, web content and more.

The 48-page guide includes standards and guidance on the use of:


University, college and campus logos - including spacing and placement options


Official photography

Ed U. Gator graphics

Graphic guidelines are an important way for UHD faculty and staff to work together and represent UHD through a unified and consistent identity.

One of the components of this branding guide includes a standard email signature to be used by all University employees in all internal and external communications. Please note that the signature should include the corporate logo with no other graphic elements.

If you have not already, please update your standard signatures in Outlook or other mail servers in accordance with the guidelines detailed on page 30.

Please contact Diane Summers for guidance or answers to questions.