15:54 PM

University Honors Students Share Accomplishments with Campus Community

On Tuesday, Dec. 15, the students of the University Honors Program discussed their academic interest and creative talents at the Fall 2015 Honors Showcase.

The showcase was an opportunity for honors students to reflect on what they've learned and to share their accomplishments with the campus community. Students were asked to highlight at least three of the following areas in their presentation:

  • scholarship
  • leadership
  • inquiry
  • citizenship
  • curiosity
  • intellectual growth
  • service
  • experiential learning
  • category of choice

Honor student, Jessica Plascencia-Delgado, presented an enlarged fingerprint poster. She wrote words and phrases about herself along the lines and whorls of her fingerprint.

"I wrote characteristics about myself and things that represents me through the form of my fingerprint," said Delgado. "I did this all using scholarship, leadership and citizenship, which best represents me as a political science major."

Another honors student, Taylor Tumbleson — a mathematics major — chose to present on experiential learning, curiosity and intellectual growth. She said after being out of school for a year, she was curious to see if she had what it takes to be a member of the honors program.

"After taking a year off after high school, I wasn't sure if jumping into the honors program with no school in between was going to work, but I decided to give it a shot and I was really successful," said Tumbleson.

The showcase was a drop-in event. Students presented throughout the day to various members of UHD's administration, faculty, staff and select community partners.