08:08 AM

University Copy Center to Close

Source: University Copy Center

Effective May 31, the University Copy Center (UCC) will no longer operate an on-campus store at UHD. However, UCC will continue to provide service to the faculty and staff from their production centers at the University of Houston and HCC. Faculty and staff can access UCC's file transfer site, Print-On-Line, through its website to send any print job straight to production. The store email address, troygillaspia@universitycopycenter.com, will not change and will be monitored from UH Main Campus by staff familiar with the UHD faculty and staff. All printed jobs will be completed and delivered in a timely manner

All professor course packets will now be sold through the UHD's Barnes & Noble Bookstore. UCC will accept the packets through the file transfer site or email, produce the packets and distribute them through the UHD's bookstore. This will allow the students to take advantage of the bookstore's longer hours and will provide convenient access to the packets.

If you have printed a course packet in the past through UCC, you will be notified of the new process as the semesters approach. Please feel free to contact Troy Gillaspia at 281-579-4405 or through the email referenced above for any questions about service, course packets or Print-On-Line.