15:21 PM

UNA-UHD Officers Attend UN Members Day at UN Headquarters

Two UHD students represented the University's United Nations Association (UNA) chapter Feb. 19 at Members' Day at the UN, held at the UN headquarters in New York. The day was expected to be the largest gathering to date of UN advocates throughout the United States.

Students Eisha Khan, UNA-UHD vice president of service, and Katy De La O, vice president of membership, represented UHD at the event.

"At the UN, after listening to an extraordinary panel on the Refugee Crisis, I prompted the question regarding the education of the refugees," Khan said. "The question was: 'The refugee crises broke out in 2016, and they have been on the move for months and now years. They are moving to underdeveloped countries such as Pakistan and Lebanon. How do you ensure the education of these youths, who have not been in schools for months and possibly years, moving to nations where the literacy rate is already very low and limited?' "

The panelist acknowledged the importance of this question, Khan said, as loss of education would translate as loss of an entire nation, and stated the need to regard education as a key focus.

The works of UHD and its strong partnership with UNA were acknowledged by The Hon. Teta Banks, president of UNA-Houston, who sat on the Panel of Global Goals: The Next 15 Years.

UNA-USA members received exclusive access to the UN, where they heard from experts on topics including refugees and sustainable development. Members networked with community leaders, academics, students, and representatives from think tanks and similar organizations.