14:19 PM

UHS Regents Approve FY2019, FY2020 Tuition Rates, Fees

During its March 8 meeting, the University of Houston System (UHS) Board of Regents approved FY2019 and FY2020 tuition and fee rates for all UHS universities.

A breakdown of FY2019 and FY2020 tuition/fee rates for the University of Houston-Downtown — based on 15 semester credit hours (SCH) for undergraduate programs and nine SCH for graduate courses — is as follows:

Undergraduate (15 SCH)

FY2019 - $3,933

FY2020 - $4,110

Graduate: Business (9 SCH)

FY2019 - $4,591

FY2020 - $4,702

Graduate: Non-Business (9 SCH)

FY2019 - $3,826

FY2020 - $4,072

These rates reflect average undergraduate tuition/fee increases of 4.3 percent (or an additional $161 each semester) for FY2019 and 4.5 percent (an additional $177 each semester) for FY2020. Graduate rates rise an average of 2.8 percent for FY2019 (an additional $120 each semester) and 3.1 percent for FY2020 (an additional $138 each semester).

Revenue generated by these increases will support enhanced partnerships with community colleges to streamline the transfer process and the implementation of an online student success management system. It will also provide $250,000 in scholarships for transfer students and $540,000 for student success scholarships.

The Student Service Fee ($22 per SCH) will remain unchanged for FY2019 and will increase by $1 per SCH in FY2020. Funds from this increase will support student recruitment and retention efforts, enhancements to student life, and other student success initiatives.

Another change for FY2019 is the excessive hour tuition rate, which will increase from $65 per SCH to $80 per SCH.

According to data collected by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, UHD remains the most affordable public institution of higher education in the city and region and is among the five least expensive public universities in the state of Texas.