11:06 AM

UHD’s Home for News Gets A Makeover

Delivering good news about UHD is more than just telling stories. It’s also about access, visibility, and usability.

UHD News (formerly Skyline) is a newsroom providing the latest on everything UHD—from events to safety notices to student, faculty and staff profiles to alumni stories, and much more.

The famous playwright George Bernard Shaw said it best, “I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better."

With a mission to improve the user’s experience, earlier this year, University Relations embarked on making significant changes for the better—from new web enhancements to College Homepage Redesign and now a UHD News makeover.

What can visitors expect with the UHD News homepage redesign?

“UHD News will feature a more user-friendly interface that will mirror the design of the University's homepage by providing more functionality for our internal audiences,” said Mike Emery, director of communications in University Relations. “It offers external media more resources as well. Now, reporters can visit the institution’s news site and easily access our Faculty Experts page. And, articles and releases can be easily shared through social media platforms to further promote UHD’s success stories.”

Additionally, audiences will be invited to subscribe to college news and connect with the University’s communications team.

The new UHD News homepage debuts Monday, Aug. 13.