16:12 PM

UHD's English Language Institute Helps Reduce Hunger and Poverty

UHD's English Language Institute recently succeeded in making a contribution to Heifer International in the amount of $1,380.00. ELI students collected contributions from family, friends, UHD students, faculty and staff.

A group of ELI students said, "We never knew that we could do something so wonderful for a village and learn even more English in the process."

With the money collected, ELI students purchased the following gifts: one pig, one llama, one alpaca, one biogas stove, one water irrigation pump, two sheep, two goats, three rabbits, 60 goslings, 80 ducklings and 180 baby chicks.

Since each animal contribution requires recipients to give the first female progeny of their gift to another villager, who must meet the same requirement, soon an entire village is raised from poverty through the Heifer system. These gifts provide milk or eggs to improve protein in the diet, manure for crop fertilization and wool for knitting. Heifer trains all gift recipients in animal husbandry, so that they're successful in raising their new animal. Once family needs are met, extra products can be sold and a small business established.

Gail Kellersberger, director of the English Language Institute, was very proud of all of the participants.

"This has been a tremendous experience for our ELI students," said Kellersberger. "They are learning the value of volunteer work and practicing their English skills at the same time. I'm thankful for the University community and the wonderful support of our students' volunteer endeavor!"

Heifer International is a nonprofit organization that works to end hunger and poverty through simple technology and agriculture.