10:35 AM

UHD's Animal Rescue Club Gives Back

ABC 13 Studio's Community Affairs held an all-day event, Pick Your Pet, on March 23 in conjunction with the Bureau of Animal Rescue and Care (BARC). UHD's Animal Rescue Club (ARC) was on hand to lend their assistance while giving back to the Houston community.

This is the third time ABC 13 has hosted this public event and the first time for ARC's participation. For the event, BARC brought two trailers filled with homeless cats and dogs—a total of 99 animals—ready to find forever homes. By the day's end, BARC found homes for 98 animals, including one ARC club member who took home a new cat. ARC students assisted in adoption counseling, showing the animals to potential adopters, and various other roles as needed.

ARC notes the top reasons for adopting animals are:

  • To save a life. Almost 3 million animals are euthanized in shelters each year simply because too many animals end up in shelters for various reasons and too few people consider adoption when thinking about adding a pet to their home.
  • To fight puppy mills. Puppy mills use inhumane practices to breed puppies resulting in sick puppies and dogs living in poor conditions. By adopting a pet, you can be certain your money will not go towards keeping these mills in business.
  • To change a homeless animals life! Adopting helps not only your new pet, but also eases the burden on shelters and makes room for other animals in need.

"For me, it was all about seeing members of our community gaining lifelong companions through rescued animals," said Erica Li, ARC member. "It was refreshing to see all of those wonderful animals find wonderful humans!"