09:40 AM

UHD Wins First Place in Education Division of Dragon Boat Festival

By: Garold Sears, UHD Dragon Boat Team member

On Saturday, May 3, the UHD Dragon Boat Team was ready for the race that was about to take place. Our first race was about to begin, and everyone at the festival was hearing "UHD" over and over again as we chanted walking to the boat.

We placed first in our first race with a time of one minute and 19 seconds. That made us even hungrier for the third and final race.

Our third race was even more exciting. As we lined up to get on the boat we chanted again. We paddled over to the starting line ready to take this race with a victory against two other boats. As we lined up, the announcer said, "We have alignment, attention please," and we were ready with our paddles in the water. As we heard the sound of the horn, all 20 paddlers in the boat started paddling. "One, two, three, four, five" was heard from all three boats. The race had begun and we were off to a good start. As we got half-way through the 500-meter race, the boats were moving across that bayou water. As we were approaching the finish line, people were yelling, "Go, go, paddle, lean, and don't stop."

We were neck and neck with first place. Once we crossed the finish line, everyone was screaming and breathing heavy from giving it their all on the last race. UHD Dragon Boat Team came in second place with a time of one minute and 18 seconds, and we lost first place by eight-tenths of a second.

UHD won first place in the Education Division and took home a dragon trophy. The announcer again called UHD up to the stage to give us a silver medal for winning fifth place overall.

The team who won first place overall practiced four to six times a month, and finished in one minute and 10 seconds. UHD's fastest time was one minute and 18 seconds. Last year, we won first place in the Education Division and our time was one minute and 48 seconds. This year, we did 30 seconds better than our previous year taking home the trophy.

UHD participates in the Dragon Boat Festival every year and the last two years we have brought home the trophy of Education Champions. UHD would like to keep our streak going next year. Anyone who wants to join the Dragon Boat Team or get more information should contact Andrea Sears in Admissions at searsa@uhd.edu.