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UHD Welcomes New Director of Student Activities

UHD's Student Activities Director Tremaine Kwasikpui. UHD's Student Activities Director Tremaine Kwasikpui.

North Carolina native Tremaine Kwasikpui is excited to make his mark here at the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD). His remarkable experiences in higher education and commitment to student success will serve as valuable resources for his new role as UHD's Student Activities Director.

"This position plays an important role in the Office of Student Activities," said Kwasikpui. "I'm eager to help bridge the gap between student affairs and academic affairs to promote student learning."

Kwasikpui, 30, gained experience in higher education while serving as the student activities coordinator at Roanoke-Chowan Community College, a small, diverse college in North Carolina, for the last eight years. He served as the front line contact for the Office of Admissions and helped plan and monitor student activities and programs. Additionally, as part of the admissions team, he assisted with recruitment efforts, including attending career fairs, outreach, and organizing campus events.

Searching for a director level position at a bigger college, Kwasikpui chose to come to UHD. He is impressed with the campus and felt welcomed by staff, faculty and students.

"When I arrived at UHD, it felt like home," said Kwasikpui, who is new to Houston. "I was looking for a change and understood that I needed to take a courageous step. As the fourth largest city in the country with tons of opportunity, I knew Houston would be a major opportunity for myself and my family."

At the University, Kwasikpui oversees the universities clubs and organizations, schedules events, and orchestrates and empower student led initiatives. He also has helped initiate a new organization at UHD since his arrival, the new Gator Choir, which he will serve as the adviser. Kwasikpui will also work with Council of Finance and act as a liaison between students, administrative staff and faculty, to facilitate the success of student programs.

"We are an office that creates leadership opportunities and are dedicated to student development," Kwasikpui said. "We strive to create a positive and meaningful university experience so that we are able to retain students. Studies show that students who become actively involve with campus organizations and academic support services outside the classroom, are more likely to re-enroll than less engaged students."

Student Activities is an important part of UHD. Its mission is to "enrich students' college experiences outside the classroom, through a collaborative, holistic approach."

Kwasikpui is observing the UHD culture. One of his main goals is to increase student organizations and the buy-in here on campus. In the near future, Kwasikpui sees "student learning and personal development through our social, cultural, community engagement and leadership programs," as the five core components of a successful student activities program.

Kwasikpui highly recommends UHD. He finds UHD's commitment to diversity and quality education appealing. He said the thing he enjoys the most about UHD are the students.

"I've met some of the most amazing students here at UHD. It's such a diverse campus and I've enjoyed working with them thus far. Because of them, I'm excited to come to work every day."

For information on student organizations and programs, visit the Office of Student Activities' website.