13:19 PM

UHD Students Raise Money for International Charity Organization

heifer-international-ads-2016-digital-1024x576 Local giving is a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays. For University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) English Language Institute's (ELI) international students, "local" can mean a country anywhere in the world. The project is coordinated by ELI's Jason Whittington, English Instructor Coordinator.

Each Christmas season, ELI runs a charitable campaign for Heifer International to give UHD students the opportunity to help others in countries they feel most akin to.

Heifer International's mission goes beyond donating supplies to impoverished communities. The charity organization brings sustainable agriculture and commerce to areas with a long history of poverty by providing animals that supply food and reliable income, such as milk and eggs that can be sold at market.

This year, ELI students sold homemade items—primarily food items—and raised $700 that provided chicks, ducks, geese, tree seedlings, two biogas stoves, and even a young female cow (also known as a heifer).