08:21 AM

UHD Students Create Informative Brochures on Vaccines for Community

During the previous semester, UHD students in Associate Professor Poonam Gulati's general microbiology class worked on a project that served as both an educational opportunity and a chance for them to provide assistance to the community.

As part of a service-learning project funded by a Sylvester Turner Service Learning and Community Engagement Grant, the class created brochures on childhood vaccinesin English and Spanish. The informative brochures contained information on what vaccines are and why they are important. They also provided facts to dispel common myths regarding vaccines and a schedule of childhood vaccines.

On May 1, the students distributed the brochures to the Neighborhood Centers in Southwest Houston and engaged with community members to explain the content of the brochures.

Participating students included Asma Aziz, Evelyn Valdez, David Flores, Monique Fountain, Arturo Totomoch and Megan Nelom.

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