10:51 AM

UHD Student Receives Gilman International Scholarship

gilman scholarshipUHD is proud to announce that Jacob Odong, a senior history major, was selected to receive a Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, a federal scholarship for students interested in studying abroad and sponsored by the Institute of International Education.

Odong is the second UHD Gator to receive this award, although the first recipient, selected last year, was unable to participate because of a family emergency.

In the spring of 2014, Odong will use the scholarship funds to study abroad in Argentina for one semester with a program called Sol Education Abroad.

"Without the scholarship, I probably would not have been able to study abroad. The scholarship really made the oppourtunity for me to travel to another country a reality and I can't wait to experience Argentina," Odong said.

"This is a very prestigious award, and having worked with him , I could see that Jacob clearly deserved it. He is exactly what the Gilman Program is looking for, and I'm glad that they saw it the same way," said Spencer Lightsy, director of admissions.

Congrats Jacob!