18:25 PM

UHD Responds to the Death of Houstonian George Floyd

Dear Students, Faculty & Staff,

Our University, city, and nation are grappling with the tragic death of our fellow Houstonian George Floyd. The University of Houston-Downtown stands with Americans everywhere to say that racism, injustice, and violence must end if we are to advance as a people and a society that embody the values of respect, justice, and humanity.

The pain experienced by so many is evident in the demonstrations we are witnessing in Houston and across the country. Anger and pain pervade the national consciousness at a time when all of us are already frayed due to the pandemic crisis. But that pain and anger is felt more deeply and fearfully by many of our African-American community members, and it is a pain that has been part of their reality for far too long. Institutions like UHD can be a part of the important dialogues and discussions that challenge the norms and attitudes that enable racism, injustice, and their associated violence.

At the University of Houston-Downtown, we stand by certain values and principles. Among them, an unapologetic belief in human dignity and civil rights for all. This belief is woven into the very fabric of our university, and, as an institution, we stand for an inclusive future, one that ensures respect and care for every American. We want that future now. We insist on it.

We recognize the intense personal pain that the death of George Floyd and so many others have caused, and we stand side-by-side with those who are weary of an America that continues to struggle with itself. Let UHD stand united against racism, violence, and intolerance. Let us come together with common purpose and unwavering dedication to create—now—a better future for all.


Dr. Juan Sanchez Munoz, UHD President

Dr. Eric Carl Link, UHD Provost