10:35 AM

UHD, Center for Critical Race Studies Reminds Gators to Register to Vote

roller skating patriotUHD’s Center for Critical Race Studies produced an informative public service announcement that relays the significance of voting, shares instructions on how to register/obtain a mail-in ballot, and encourages the Gator family to make its voice heard at the polls. This election season is a watershed moment for both Houston and the country. These votes will shape the kind of city and country we will live in for the next couple of years, but only if people are registered to vote.

The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 5. Early voting runs Oct. 13 - 30. Election Day is Nov. 3.

Not sure if you’re registered? Go to votetexas.gov to find out your status. That same website has tools to fill out a voter registration form online within minutes or request a paper registration form to be sent to you.

Want to use a different way to register to vote? The Harris County Tax Office has a new text to register to vote feature to help increase voter registration before the Oct. 5 deadline. Users can now text #RegisterHarris to 832-957-1957 to register to vote. Eligible unregistered voters may fill out a voter registration application on the Voter Registration Portal. Once completed, the application must be printed, signed by the person applying and then mailed to the Tax Office. Completed voter registration applications from the portal should be mailed to the following address:

Ann Harris Bennett
Harris County Voter Registrar
P.O. Box 3527
Houston, TX 77253-3527

To add to the excitement of election season, Gators are encouraged to take an active role in the process. Since all elections are an exercise in community empowerment, everyone's help in conducting this important work is greatly needed. The Greater Houston Area is recruiting thousands of volunteers to help community members exercise the right to vote. Serving as a Poll Hero will aid the community in decreasing the long lines, helping replace insufficient polling equipment, and preventing election locations from opening late. Visit the Poll Hero website to learn more.