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UHD Remembers Chaney Anderson

Friday, Sept. 30, Chaney Anderson, who worked at UHD from its inception in 1974 until his retirement in 2005, passed away peacefully at his home after a brief and courageous battle with cancer. Although he served with distinction as a member of the Math faculty for a number of years, Chaney will best be remembered for the last 20 years of his career, when he served as UHD's VP for Administration & Finance/CFO.

Anderson was the VPAF/CFO during a period of great challenge for UHD. The university was growing rapidly, and that growth had to be accommodated despite the fact that UHD faced serious resource challenges. Working with the various presidents, most notably long-serving president and friend Max Castillo, and other university leaders, Chaney always did his best to make sure that UHD's limited resources were put to the best possible use.

Chaney Anderson was widely respected and admired at UHD and across the UHS for his many fine personal qualities. In describing him people tended to use adjectives like honest, fair, considerate, hard-working, trustworthy and sincere. Chaney was practicing 'character-based leadership' before people started writing books on the subject.

Chaney is survived by his wife of 50 years, JoJean, and his son Jeff. In addition he leaves behind many friends and colleagues who were enriched by their relationship with this fine man.

A visitation was held Sunday, Oct. 2, and a memorial celebration of Chaney's life was Monday, Oct. 3, both at the Grandview Funeral Home in Pasadena.

After the Monday service, Chaney will be taken to Irving, Texas, where he will be buried on Tuesday morning.

In-lieu-of flowers, please honor Chaney's wishes by donating to the Jay Anderson Scholarship Fund at UHD by calling 713-221-8402. To share words of comfort with the family, please visit www.grandviewfunerals.com.

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