13:56 PM

UHD Receives Technical Innovation Award

The University of Houston-Downtown Girard Street Welcome Center is the recipient of a 2016 Harman Innovation Award in the "Campus Impact" category. Steve Cachia, assistant director of networking infrastructure, led the team for implementing the winning project and made the trip to the UBTech conference in Las Vegas to accept the award. The 2016 awards ceremony was held at the Mirage in Las Vegas on June 6, 2016.

The annual Harman Innovation Awards celebrate innovative higher education institutions and their use of AV and IT technology in five categories: Campus Impact, Classroom Design and Implementation, Audio Experience, Video in the Learning Space and Active Learning Space.

The Campus Impact category includes project that, "incorporate AV for an impact beyond a single classroom and even a single building. In one or more ways, these projects touch on the entire campus by improving communication, building community, and increasing prestige. Applications will most likely include audio, video, control and lighting elements in the total scope of the project."

The awards program is open to all colleges and universities, regardless of existing vendor relationships. The winner in each category receives $25,000 of product from Harman and its subsidiary brands, and will be recognized in University Business magazine.