10:08 AM

UHD Receives Record Admission Applications for Fall 2023


By Percy Sandel, Enrollment Management

The University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) is celebrating a significant achievement with a record-breaking number of applications for the fall 2023 semester. With a total of 15,411 applications, UHD has surpassed its previous fall 2019 record by 27.5% or 4,260 applications, highlighting UHD’s growing popularity. This remarkable feat is the result of a collaborative effort led by Enrollment Management departments, with contributions from UHD’s colleges and graduate programs.

Villanueva“The surge in applications for the fall 2023 semester at UHD is a testament to the University’s commitment to academic excellence and its rising reputation as a premier institution for higher education,” said Dr. Daniel Villanueva, Vice President of Enrollment Management. “This notable increase demonstrates UHD’s ability to attract and engage prospective students, as well as showcase our strong degree programs, career preparation, and extensive academic, financial, and wraparound support services.”

The achievement of this record number of applications is the culmination of an intentional campus-wide recruitment strategy. “Between the freshman, transfer, graduate, and returning student groups, over 350 events were held this application cycle to introduce prospective students to UHD and share the tremendous opportunities and support they will receive as students,” said Kristina Raymond, Executive Director of Admissions and Recruitment. These events include virtual information sessions, Seal Your Success campaign showcases, targeted freshman events at high schools and on campus, college-specific engagement opportunities, Gator Preview Days at area community colleges, graduate program recruitment events, and on-campus hallmark events such as Transfer Thursday and Destination Downtown (Open House). Over 8,000 prospective students registered to participate in these events, with the largest being the spring Destination Downtown on March 25 with more than 1,000 visitors to campus.

Beyond events, the Enrollment Management Division engaged prospective students through email, text, Zoom, social media, postal mail, and phone campaigns. Each touchpoint was intentional, focused on providing the student with the answers and support they needed to make an informed decision as they applied to UHD. University leadership frequently evaluated recruitment progress and identified targeted groups for specialized messaging or incentives to support enrollment.

Enrollment Management, the UHD colleges, and a host of employees representing UHD’s many support services also hit the road with our Gator Roadshows across Houston, meeting students where they are in the community to complete their enrollment.

“As we reflect on this application cycle, the University of Houston-Downtown’s record-breaking number of applications for the fall 2023 semester is a significant milestone that showcases the institution’s growing reputation and appeal. The record-setting applications not only signify UHD’s progress but also highlight its potential for future growth and continued impact in the realm of higher education,” said Villanueva.