05:29 PM

UHD Receives $200K Grant from Nuclear Regulatory Commission


UHD recently received a $200,000 grant ($100,000 yearly for two years) from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in order to increase the number of underrepresented STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) students entering nuclear-related majors and to provide a support system for those students.

The principle investigator for the grant was Janusz Grebowicz, associate professor of natural sciences, with co-principle investigators Maria Benavides, associate professor of natural sciences, and Mary Jo Parker, Director of the Scholars Academy.

With the funds, UHD will create recruit and provide support and training for underrepresented STEM students and prepare them to enroll in graduate partner programs in the nuclear-related chemistry and physics, nuclear engineering, nuclear medicine, or nuclear energy and power workforce sectors.

According to the executive summary for the grant, increased representation of underrepresented STEM students will increase nuclear-related workforce entry by graduates from UHD by 100 percent, thereby creating a stream of underrepresented graduates within the nuclear-related sciences and workforce.

For more information, contact Parker at parkerm@uhd.edu.