14:01 PM

UHD Professor and Psychology Graduates Publish Research

eturnerA paper submitted by University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) Psychology Professor Erlanger Turner, and four UHD graduate students was accepted for publication in the Journal of College Student Development. Titled, Correlates of Psychotherapy Use Among Ethnically Diverse College Students, the paper details research which examined variables influencing the use of psychotherapy among college students.

According to Turner and UHD graduates Jillian Camarillo, Stevanna Daniel, Jonathan Otero and Angela Parker, ethnic minority college students are less likely to seek mental health treatment. The study notes that fears about therapy and psychological symptoms are primary factors that hinder or promote treatment utilization.

Turner notes, "When people are not properly educated on mental health and mental health services they may depend on other coping mechanisms such as alcohol or drugs in order to cope with their stress."

As a result, Turner and students in his UHD research lab are developing ways to effectively reach out to ethnic minority groups about mental health services through program development and intervention programs.

The paper is scheduled to be published in early 2017.