01:58 PM

UHD Pride in Afghanistan

UHD alum Juan Miguel GonzalesUHD alum Juan Miguel Gonzales wrote last December, "I was wondering if there was a flag that displays the UHD logo that I could display in my workspace…. I am stationed in Afghanistan with the U.S. Navy and would like to show the UHD pride here. I graduated from UHD in May 2000. Please let me know. I am growing tired of only seeing UT flags out here. I think it is time to show the UHD brand over here. I will gladly trade with my alma mater if necessary."

UHD staff members sent some alumni items his way, and he wasted no time in displaying them.

Here is Gonzalez before heading out on a combat patrol holding a UHD pennant. He's pleased to report that there is another pennant placed above his workstation for his fellow Americans to view.