12:22 PM

UHD Powerlifting Wins Fifth Consecutive National Title

By: John Hudson, Coach, UHD Powerlifting

UHD Powerlifting won its fifth consecutive World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters (WABDL) National Collegiate Championship on Saturday, April 21, at Monster Gym and Sports Complex in Kingwood. UHD lifters came away with nine first-place finishes, while setting seven new Texas State Records.

Senior lifter Jose Trejo, lifting in the 259 pound weight class, earned best-lifter and biggest-bench-of-the-day honors with a National Collegiate Record bench press of 507 pounds, making him the first member of the team to bench press 500 pounds or more.

Other UHD lifters setting records were:

Petra Villegas - 121.2 pound Junior State Bench Press Record for the 123 pound weight class

Antonio Moreno - 270.0 pound Junior State Bench Press Record for the 148 pound weight class

Waldo Cardenas - 541.1 pound Collegiate State Deadlift Record for the 165 pound weight class

Timothy Ward - 618.3 pound Junior and Collegiate State Deadlift Record for the 198 pound weight class

The WABDL National Collegiate Championship was held in conjunction with the WABDL National High School Championships, giving UHD Powerlifting a great opportunity to meet potential high school recruits.

For more information, contact Coach John Hudson at hudsonj@uhd.edu.