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UHD Police Host Area Law Enforcement Officials for "Active Shooter" Training on Campus

The UHD Police Department took a proactive approach to safety by hosting area law enforcement officials this week in an interactive, "active shooter" training at the College of Public Service.

The ALERRT (Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training) exercise - led by national police trainers - included four days of classroom teaching, coupled with intense, hands-on scenarios in and around the Commerce Street Building. In these trainings, participants donned protective head and neck gear and learned best practices for disarming a gunman in a classroom or hallway of a university building.

Throughout the staged scenarios, officers used guns that fired soap pellets as they worked in teams to assess crisis situations, protect innocent bystanders and arrest the "shooter."

"At our University, we thrive on being safe," said UHD Police Sergeant Trinity Delafance. "We have well-trained police officers here on campus, but these types of trainings teach you to respect your craft and learn from actual scenarios that you could potentially encounter. We prepare for the worst, knowing that the skills we develop can only make our department stronger."

UHD President Bill Flores witnessed some of the active shooter scenarios and expressed his appreciation for the department's proactive stance on safety. "No one wants it to happen on their campus, but the truth is that crises like this can happen anywhere," he said. "The tools our officers are learning through this training are critical in ensuring that students, faculty and staff are secure and protected during a similar emergency."

Active Shooter Training at UHD.August 20, 2013

Active Shooter Training at UHD. August 20, 2013 

Active Shooter Training at UHD. August 20, 2013