13:55 PM

UHD Photographs Alumni for Next Installment of Major Opportunity Campaign

UHD University Relations began working on the next installment of the award-winning Major Opportunity Campaign last week. This group will feature seven successful alumni working in a variety of industries.

Below, Claudia Jimenez-Lopez, Trazanna Moreno and Laquitta DeMerchant are pictured below. Jimenez-Lopez earned a doctorate from UT Health Science Center, where she works as a researcher. Moreno serves as the chief marketing officer for the YMCA of Greater Houston. DeMerchant is the founder and president of FuzionApps, Inc.

Extended profiles of these successful alumni will be available at the campaign's launch. Check out the photos below!

Laquitta DeMerchant 

Trazanna Moreno 

Claudio Jimenez-Lopez