08:26 PM

UHD Partners with Organizations and Universities to Increase National Grad Rates

UHD has partnered with the Association of Public and Land-Grand Universities (APLU) and the American Association of State and College Universities (AASCU) to take part in the organizations' initiative "Project Degree Completion," which aims to increase the percentage of student degree completion across the country.

According to the APLU, nearly 490 four-year public colleges and universities, including UHD, have pledged to boost college completion by 3.8 million students to help the nation reach the goal of 60 percent of adults possessing a college degree by 2025.

Through Project Degree Completion: A Public University Initiative, the institutions will increase the number of college degrees they award from an estimated 14.6 million to 18.4 million over the next 14 years. Collectively, public colleges and universities currently award just over 1 million degrees annually. The participating institutions are members of the AASCU and APLU. Their membership represents nearly all the four-year public colleges and universities in the country.

"Project Degree Completion is an unprecedented initiative that will drive the instructional agenda of public universities and colleges in the years ahead," said M. Peter McPherson, president of APLU. "Never before have public colleges and universities, and our two associations, formally come together around such an important and sustained effort. This initiative is an economic competitiveness imperative for the future of the country and the individuals involved."

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