15:25 PM

UHD Marketing Students Win Regional Case Competition

A team of six UHD marketing students recently took first place in the American Marketing Association (AMA) Collegiate Case Competition, held Oct. 9 at Stephen F. Austin State University.

The winning team, led by Madeline Johnson, Ph.D., professor of marketing, consisted of Finesse Haverly, Alexandra Mathis, Aniekeme Mbong, Pierre Parker, Michael Snell and Jalisa Williams.

UHD marketing students placed first in the American Marketing Association (AMA) Collegiate Case Competition

The team walked away with a certificate provided by major organizations associated with AMA.

The students worked in pairs to develop a marketing plan for a Texas company. Participating companies included Texas Wine Trail, Lone Star Olive Ranch, Old Factory Soap, Quintessential Chocolates and Koch Ranch. Each team submitted a written marketing plan and created a five-minute oral presentation. The plan required the students to evaluate the company's strengths and weaknesses and recommend specific marketing strategies and tactics that could be implemented in 2016.

"Our students did a great job," Johnson said. "We competed in four areas and took first place in three."

The AMA Collegiate Case Competition is an event that allows top marketing students to work on a real-life marketing project submitted by a sponsoring organization. The teams conduct market research, develop a marketing plan and present it to a panel of judges at competitions.

The competition was held in conjunction with the Fifth Annual AMA Collegiate Regional Conference. Through keynote speakers, the conference provides marketing students with information about current marketing practices. This year's speakers included Steve Stagner, CEO of Mattress Firm, and John Phillippe, President of Zephyr Salvo.