17:30 PM

UHD Lot A Faculty/Staff and Student Parking Changes

This January, the unpaved surface parking lot located at the southwest corner of N. Main and Naylor Streets, currently marked as "Lot A", was modified to allow some student parking. The Student-designated spaces were marked with blue-colored curb stops stenciled with the word 'Student'. This change, which was consistent with UHD's philosophy of trying to improve student parking by all means available, has been well-received.

Now, recognizing that the majority of the staff parking in Lot A vacate the lot after 5 pm, it has been decided that students should be allowed to park in the Staff/Faculty-designated Lot A spaces after 5pm. These Staff/Faculty spaces are marked with yellow-colored curb stops stenciled with the words 'Staff/Faculty'.

So summarizing, students can park in Lot A at any time of the day as long as they are parking in a marked (blue) student space. And once we are beyond 5pm, students can park in any space inside Lot A, whether marked as 'Student' (blue) or 'Staff/Faculty' (yellow).

Note that this only applies to students holding a valid UHD Student Parking Permit. And remember, those holding Vine Street Garage permits are always able to park on a surface lot.

The lot will continue to be monitored by our Parking Enforcement Officer to ensure that valid permits are displayed and that the new guidelines are being followed.