14:57 PM

UHD Lecturer Creates Downtown Geology Tour

Thursday, May 26, Alex Barnard, Ph.D., natural sciences lecturer at University of Houston-Downtown (UHD), conducted a downtown Houston geology tour, "Introduction to the Geology of Building Stones on Main Street," with the Professional Tour Guide Association of Houston (PTGAH).

The tour, which Barnard launched, began at Main and Rusk Streets, and ended at The Honeymoon Café and Bar. Tour participants explored and discussed the stones used to construct buildings on Main Street; developed an understanding of rock styles; visited and discussed examples of each type of rock: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic; and interpreted the earth's history in the stone observed.

Highlights of the tour included stops at the JW Marriot Building; BG Group Place; JP Morgan Chase; 412 Main Street, "Frugality is the Mother of Virtue," commonly called Texas Rose; Main and Prairie, Stratigraphic Pillar; and the Beehive Sculpture.

The tour was well received and was attended by several members of the Professional Tour Guide Association of Houston (PTGAH) as well as PTGAH President Phil Stewart.

Barnard said, "Once members have done the tour with me my hope is that they would be confident enough, with guidebook in hand, to lead it themselves."