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UHD iRadio Station Launching Feb. 14


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It's finally here! UHD iRadio is taking a giant step for the University's Communication Studies department.

Created by students, the station hopes to engage and build community among the students, faculty and staff. With a rotating schedule of student talents and shows, all of the on-air talent are student interns are Communication Studies majors.

UHD iRadio is affiliated with the Special Topics Communication 2390 course, Radio Performance, which centers on creating and delivering content for a variety of radio programs. Topics will include voice, audience, scripting, timing, interviewing, methods of banter, ethics and FCC parameters, as well as the role of radio in a diverse and changing society.

This semester, Dr. Hank Roubicek, professor of communication studies, serves as lead faculty advisor. Next fall, Dr. Lucas Logan, assistant professor of communication studies, who currently serves as co-advisor, will take the reins as lead faculty advisor. Communication studies lecturer, Abby Koenig serves as social media faculty advisor.

Students will gain hands-on experience operating a working internet radio station—from researching topics to pitching and creating their own shows to serving as talk show hosts, interviewers and producers. It's anticipated that the station will offer an additional competitive edge in recruitment to future students who are interested in this aspect of the college experience.

Listeners can expect a variety of talk programs from sports and entertainment, to community and university news, to career topics and even lifestyle conversations. The UHD community is encouraged to submit ideas for show to UHDiRadio@uhd.edu.

"Radio is one of our oldest forms of electronic media and while many predicted its death, they were sorely wrong," said Koenig. "Radio listenership continues to rise; it's still a vital medium. Some say radio is the last active medium - a news item or story without images forces the listeners to actively engage with the medium, use their imagination and be conscious of the words specifically. With the rise in popularity of podcasts, too, UHD's internet radio station comes at the perfect time."

The station is located in the One Main Building, Room S1024 and will broadcast live Tuesday - Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Other Communication Studies faculty members have helped get the station off the ground, in addition to many staff members working in the IT department.

On Wednesday, Feb. 14 beginning at 10 a.m., the department is hosting a kick-off listening party on the third floor of the One Main Building. In addition to snacks and giveaways for those who stop by, UHD iRadio will be streaming a live broadcast.

Tune in here for UHD iRadio programming or follow on Facebook and Twitter.