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UHD Introduces Two New Degree Programs in Fall 2015

An important part of UHD's Strategic Plan 2020 is the commitment to add new baccalaureate and graduate degree programs that serve the needs of the workforce in Houston and beyond. To that end, the University is excited to announce the arrival of two degrees available in fall 2015 - the Bachelor of Science in health and behavioral science and the Master of Science in data analytics.

Bachelor of Science in Health and Behavioral Science (BSHBS)

The Bachelor of Science in health and behavioral science at UHD is the first interdisciplinary program in health offered by any institution in the Houston area. The program combines a liberal arts education with professional health-related experiences that prepare graduates for entry-level careers in the rapidly growing healthcare and aging industries.

In fact, healthcare is the fastest growing field in the labor market, with the Center for Health Workforce Studies predicting a 30 percent growth in the healthcare sector between 2012 and 2020, more than twice the growth rate of the general economy. More specifically, the Greater Houston area will have a projected 990 annual job openings for health services coordinators, according to the Texas Workforce Commission.

"With advances in modern medicine, the elderly are the largest growing population in America," said program director Cindy Stewart. "Studies show that the current workforce is not prepared to accommodate the demand created by this aging population."

With concentrations in healthcare navigation and aging, the Health and Behavioral Science program will prepare graduates to capitalize on this demand by developing a broad-based skill set. Students will be equipped for careers as patient advocates, patient navigators, life-care planners, and ombudsmen. Coursework will include foundational studies in biomedical ethics, health psychology, anatomy and physiology, sociology and healthcare communications.

Learn more about this degree on our website.

Master of Science in Data Analysis (MSDA)

Today's corporations receive large data sets daily - from website traffic numbers and social media statistics to Google Analytics. These organizations have a resulting demand for people who can filter, interpret and communicate this information to find new clients, target marketing and advertising efforts, and develop insights about consumers.

In 2013, Forbes magazine reported a projected 25 percent increase in the demand for data analysts by 2022, purporting that data processing would be a $50 billion business by 2017.

Developed in consultation with industry partners, UHD's application-focused graduate program will prepare professionals for success as analysts in various sectors, including healthcare, energy, criminal justice and technology. The curriculum will be available in both face-to-face and online courses, with the goal of offering a completely online track within five years. In the final three hours of study, students will engage in research projects or internships with faculty members and other collaborators including businesses, nonprofits and government agencies.

For more information, visit www.uhd.edu/msda.

Committed to Success

UHD is committed to providing competitive academic and career preparation and lifelong learning opportunities for its students, while addressing the needs and advancing the development of the Greater Houston region. The launch of the BSHBS and MSDA degree programs represent this legacy of industrious, proactive development.