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UHD in the News: June 11, 2015

Read below for what's newsworthy this week at UHD:

Professor Analyzes Public Reaction to Waco Biker Shooting

After the recent shoot-out at a Waco restaurant, police investigations have ensued without much communication with the public. Larry Karson, a retired Customs Service agent who is an assistant professor of criminal justice at the University of Houston-Downtown, said police owe the public an explanation.

"Unlike the Waco siege of the Branch Davidians, with a lack of sympathy for outlaw bikers, there is little pressure by the public or the media on the department for more transparency in the investigative process," he said. "The public is only offered a police version of events or a blue wall of silence."

Student leaders urge Abbott not to sign campus carry

The students believe universities should have the discretion to make their own decisions about campus carry.

"If I was the person that was in that position, I would, look at this as an opportunity to hear from the people whom this bill affects," said John Locke, president of the UHD Student Government Association. "Maybe he'll consider the voices of not only student body presidents, but university presidents, and all the people who've been speaking out against this bill as it's written."

Professor Karson Identifies Implications of Disordered Evidence Room in Harris County Precinct 6

UHD assistant professor of criminal justice Larry Karson spoke to KTRK Channel 3 News about the recent audit of the Harris County Precinct 6 Evidence Room, which was found to have several unaccounted items related to pending cases.

University Receives Grant from Spring Branch Education Foundation

A grant of $18,600 will assure transportation for up to 80 high-performing students from SBISD schools to The University of Houston Downtown Houston Prep Program where they will study science, technology, engineering and math.

Former UHD Professor John W. Derouen Passes Away

John Weldon Derouen, former UHD professor of business law and accounting, passed away Sunday, May 31 at 91. The Alvin Sun-Advertiser published his obituary on June 3.