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UHD in the News: August 20, 2015

University prepares for worst-case scenario

CW39's Newsfix reports on the full-scale emergency management drill held at UHD last week.

"Hostile intruder" among scenarios at UHD drill

The Houston Chronicle reports on the multi-scenario emergency management drill, hosted by UHD and several local law enforcement agencies last week.

UHD ranks among nation's most affordable communications bachelor's degrees for 2015

In a report by AffordableSchools.net, UHD ranked No. 14 on the list of the nations most affordable communications bachelor's degrees.

The Houston Chronicle ranks the most popular majors at Texas colleges

Among the most popular at UHD are business, marketing, interdisciplinary studies, and criminal justice. View the stats.

Guest columnist and UHD professor Larry Karson tackles grand jury issues in Waco Tribune-Herald

"Though the grand jury serves as a 'sword' determining probable cause that a crime has been committed — the decision eventually leading to a suspect's actual trial — it also serves as a 'shield' protecting us from injustice by the government, including the district attorney, the police, even judges," Karson asserts. "Having cops on the grand jury reviewing the actions of the police corrupts that process. It would be as if your daughter was arrested after being in a two-car accident and the jury was made up of the other car owner's family and friends."