15:24 PM

UHD Houston Hispanic Leadership Initiative Seeks Nominations and Applicants

The Houston Hispanic Leadership Initiative (HHLI) seeks mid-level professionals from nonprofit organizations, the corporate world, or governmental agencies who have the potential and desire to attain the next level of leadership. We invite you to identify those who already display leadership potential and who have demonstrated leadership by the projects or work they have accomplished. We seek candidates who are passionate, driven, and aspire to leadership positions to positively impact the community and to positively change the conditions for the Hispanic population in Houston. We ask you to nominate or recommend candidates to make up the class of spring 2016 and to support them if selected. Please submit your nominations by Oct. 30, 2015 so the committee can give proper consideration to every candidate. To apply, complete an application form.

HHLI LogoThe HHLI is designed to meet the increasing need for highly sophisticated leaders to fill positions in corporations, for profit and nonprofit boards and commissions and other leadership positions in a variety of disciplines, and transform decision making to include the perspectives and voices of a severely underrepresented population.

For more information, please contact Viola Garcia, Ed.D. at 713-221-8165. Questions may also be directed to Gene Preuss, Ph.D. at 713-222-5308.