11:25 AM

UHD Hosts US-China Animal Law Forum

UHD will host the first US-China Animal Law Forum in partnership with the Northwest China University of Law and Politics and South Texas College of Law this week.

The forum will be held from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 5 in the auditorium and will gather together US and Chinese law professors, government attorneys, and other experts who have rich legislative, practical and academic accomplishment in animal law legislation, enforcement and prosecution.

Animal cruelty is a global issue. The use of killer whales in performances at SeaWorld has become a hugely controversial issue, just as bear farming in China has been condemned worldwide. The US and China are the world's two biggest industrialized animal farming nations, subjecting billions of farm animals to brutal farming systems. Animal protection law improvement in both countries has significance that goes beyond their boundaries. The aim of the forum is for scholars from both countries to share their research and experiences with the ultimate objective of impacting policy change in both countries.

For additional information, contact Edith Torrez at torreze@uhd.edu.

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