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UHD Hosts Students for Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

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Hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students from around the U.S. attended the Alliance Management Institute (AMI), the largest national conference geared toward nonprofit college students. The conference was held at the Hyatt Regency Houston, Jan. 3-5, and was hosted by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

Participants had the opportunity to network with various nonprofits in the Greater Houston area and present mock presentations. The presentations were focused on marketing and fundraising.

Among attendees was David Branham, Ph.D., the director of UHD's Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management degree program, and associate professor of political science.

On the last day of the conference, UHD hosted a group of 20 students on campus. After a brief presentation of the nonprofit management master's program —presented by professor Branham — in two groups of ten, the students put together two PowerPoint presentations on how UHD can best market the master's program.

Professor Branham says the alliance help prepare students for the nonprofit workforce.

"The National Leadership Alliance allows undergraduate students to focus on their nonprofit careers as they prepare to graduate and enter the workforce," said Branham. These students receive the basic skills needed to make their organizations efficient and make the mission of their organization a reality.

He continued, "Nonprofit organizations, in almost all cases, have people with the spirit and drive needed to change the world. But that isn't enough for success. People also need skills to create a successful nonprofit organization. The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is doing a lot to make this happen. I look forward to UHD's partnership with the organization."

The MANPM degree program was established in 2013. In 2015, the program ranked no. 5 on the list of The 10 Best Online Master of Nonprofit Management Programs by The Best Schools.

About Alliance Management Institute

AMI is a capstone experience for students seeking the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential. The purpose of the conference is to expose future social sector leaders to a vibrant learning experience that promote best practices, innovative thinking and awareness of the full scope of the sector.

About Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance strengthens the social sector with a talented, prepared workforce. It awards its national credential, the Certified Nonprofit Professional, to more than 500 students annually. The alliance network includes 50 top colleges, universities and national nonprofits — and more than 9,000 CNPs. Through online programs, the CNP credential is available in every community in the U.S.