07:06 PM

UHD Faculty Participate in Scholars Weekend

Two UHD faculty, Mike Matson, associate chemistry professor, and GV Krishnan, director of the Applied Business & Technology Center, represented the university at a Duke TIP Scholar Weekend held at the University of Houston Main Campus, March 31 - April1.

According to the program website, the Duke TIP Scholar Weekend provides opportunities for academically talented students in grades 8-11 to take short courses during weekend-long programs at UH. To be eligible, students must have participated in the Duke TIP talent search or been identified as academically gifted/talented by local school criteria. Courses cover topics that might not be available in students' local schools, including robotics, nanotechnology, genetics and more. They provide enrichment, sharpen skills, and help students define pathways to college majors and careers. In addition, they provide a glimpse into the collegiate experience and an opportunity for students to interact with similarly motivated students.

Matson, who taught a course in nanotechnology, said, "We did some fun experiments, including making silica colloid that could be used as a pH meter for acids and bases. I also talked about my current research and had discussions on many of the current and future applications of nanotechnology."

For more information on the program, click here.