02:36 PM

UHD Enhances Installment Payment Plan for Students

Effective in the fall 2012 semester, UHD students can pay tuition and fees through an increased number of payment installments, thereby lowering the amount of their monthly payments.

From Tuesday, July 24 through Saturday, Aug. 25, students can establish a five-payment plan, dividing monthly payments equally through the end of December, in addition to an initial $24 set-up fee. International students also must pay their health insurance fee in full with the first installment payment.

After Aug. 25, students still can elect to enter an installment payment plan, but their monthly payments will be higher due to the decreased number of months in the semester.

All monthly payments are due on the first of each month and students have a seven-day grace period before late fees are applied. Students are encouraged to visit the Installment Payment Plans page, or contact the Cashier's Office at 713-221-8196 or cashiers@uhd.edu for more details about this five-payment option.