10:07 AM

UHD COVID-19 Webpage Updates

The following message is from Dr. Ron Beebe, Vice Chair of the COVID-19 Taskforce

Dear Gator Community,

On behalf of the UHD COVID-19 Taskforce, I am writing to share some updates. We recognize the ongoing challenges that face UHD as well as our larger community. While cases have been on the rise, UHD leadership continues to receive regular updates from Emergency Management, led by Cynthia Vargas, whose extensive efforts along with your prompt reporting of symptoms, exposure, and positive diagnoses have allowed UHD to remain responsive to new cases and make situation-specific decisions in a timely manner. Furthermore, UHD has recently hired additional contact tracing staff and Emergency Management associates to assist in these efforts.

You can follow our UHD numbers on the COVID-19 website.

As we continue to monitor the COVID environment, we have also taken your feedback to refocus our COVID-19 website to prioritize key information on protocols. Thus, on the website you'll notice the following on the newly organized front page:

  • A link for protocols on symptoms and diagnosis for students, faculty and staff as well as classroom situations.
  • A link for protocols on exposure for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Information on our vaccine program and our Gator Vaccination Incentive Program (VIP).
  • Information on our testing kiosk and how to sign up.

You'll also note that the travel guidelines have been moved to a link on the left side menu. Operational protocols and updates will be prominently displayed on the main page of the COVID-19 website in lieu of the color-coded and step matrix.

We encourage everyone to continue to exercise all campus safety practices and protocols by mask-wearing, vaccination, regular testing and self-health checks. The COVID-19 Taskforce continues to meet weekly to evaluate the current status of the pandemic's impact on UHD and the community at-large, and present recommendations to UHD leadership as warranted. We welcome your feedback through coronavirus@uhd.edu.


Dr. Ron Beebe, Vice Chair, COVID-19 Taskforce

Dr. Judith Harris, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
Dr. Pamela Hurley, Associate Professor, Management & Insurance Risk Management
Ivonne Montalbano, Vice President, Employment Services and Operations
Elisa Olsen, Assistant Vice President, University Relations
Dr. Rebecca Quander, Associate Professor & Assistant Chair, Math & Statistics
Stefany Records, Director, Administrative Operations and Compliance
Vanessa Rojas, CHSS Academic Advisor ll & Staff Council
Dr. Reynaldo Romero, Associate Professor, History, Humanities & Languages
Dr. Rhonda Scherer, Associate Director, Sports & Fitness
Caroline Smith, Assistant Director, Community Engagement, Staff Council President
Dr. Jonathan Schwartz, Dean, College of Public Service
Dr. Meritza Tamez, Dean of Students
Dr. Daniel Villanueva, Vice President, Enrollment Management
Dr. Liza Alonzo, Director, Events & Alumni Relations (ex-officio)
Jennifer Bloom, Senior Assistant General Counsel (ex-officio)
Pat Ensor, Executive Director, Library, Taskforce Secretary (ex-officio)
Cynthia Vargas, Director, Emergency Management (ex-officio)
Dr. Ron Beebe, Professor, Urban Education and Faculty Senate Representative, Vice Chair
Dr. Michelle Moosally, Associate Vice President, Programming and Curriculum, Chair