14:47 PM

UHD Business Graduates Honored at Spring Commencement

By Cynthia Gonzales

On Friday, May 18 the Marilyn Davies College of Business Graduate school celebrated the conferring of approximately 40 graduate degrees at its spring commencement at the Wilhelmina Cullen Robertson Auditorium.

Featured speakers included Khaliah Guillory, philanthropist and filmmaker, and student speaker Jacmmie Turcios.

Guillory is founder of KOG, a people empowerment platform built "to encourage the masses to operate outside of their fears and summon the unmitigated gall to courageously pursue their purpose and passions in life" through thought-provoking talks, such as "Unleash Your Dopeness™," "Diversity Deposits," and "Mogul In Training."

She addressed the graduates with an uplifting speech and reminded them they all had "Gator Grit" and she challenged them to go out and be ready for the unimaginable.

"What will you go out and create?" Guillory asked. "What are you going to do next?" At the close of her address, she made everyone stand up and directed them to face the front of the auditorium so she could take a selfie with them from the stage.

Turcios delivered a very personal and moving speech by sharing the many challenges she faced, but that with the help of her son she was able to achieve her goals.

"Now, I will get to spend more time with you," Turcios said, "You helped me get to this moment."

Turcios came to Houston at the age of 17 from Honduras and graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Supply Chain Management. She empowered her classmates to keep working.

"To all of may classmates, never give up and have faith," she said, "Your goals are closer than you think."