14:19 PM

UHD Announces College Homepage Redesign

In early February, the UHD community received an enhanced interactive experience thanks to new web enhancements. As previously announced, the University's five colleges will now have a new face for their respective homepages.

The final stage of the recent web enhancements, which included online campus maps and a 3-D campus tour, is now the redesigned homepages for UHD's five colleges that will feature:

  • A new layout to allow for larger photographs and video capability.
  • New navigation panel to access all tertiary pages and allow more college content (news and events) to appear above the "fold."
  • Navigation arrows indicating where pages are nested underneath specific selected content.

The refresh, which launches on Wednesday, March 14, also includes a slideshow feature to showcase everything from University-wide events to speaker series and conferences to recruitment, scholarship and more.

The colleges' homepage redesign project was a collaboration between each of the five colleges web technicians, and the Offices of University Relations and Information Technology.