12:59 PM

Two Longtime Staffers Say Goodbye

By: Mary Ann Cozza

Two longtime staff members, Joe Longoria, Director of Computing, Telecommunications and Video Networking Services and Mersades Richard, Coordinator of Purchasing, are retiring this week. Longoria served UHD for 23 years and Richard served for 30 years.

Longoria's supervisors, Hossein Shahrokhi, Associate Vice President for Information Technology, and Erin Mayer, Executive Director for Information Technology, had this to say:

"More than just a colleague, Joe has been a good friend to many of us and a dedicated member of the university. His commitment to education, mentoring staff and true professionalism is something that I know I have used as a example for myself to strive for." - Shahrokhi

"Joe has always had the ability to see potential in people and to provide guidance that will help them to achieve success. He is well known for his concern for others, his talent in serving as a mentor, especially for young people just starting their careers, and for how much he cares about UHD. He will be greatly missed!" - Mayer

Theresa Meneley, Director of Budget and Procurement and Richard's supervisor, said, "Mersades has seen the university grow from a small institution operating out of one building to what it has become today, assisting members of the university community in procuring the goods and services needed to run their units and serve our students. Through Mersades' efforts, UHD has made great strides over the years in increasing business opportunities for minority and women-owned enterprises."

UHD thanks Longoria and Richard for their dedication to the university and wishes them the best moving forward.