10:58 AM

Top Campus Safety Tips


By Toni Carter

Photo credit: Thomas B. Shea  

Crime can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. The good news is that the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) wants faculty, staff and students to know that they can protect themselves, and the security of their personal property, by being well informed and cautiously aware of their surroundings.

Here are proactive safety tips:

Vehicle Safety

  • Keep vehicles locked and windows closed at all times
  • Remove valuable items from plain view or store valuables in the car's trunk
  • Be sure to have keys ready when walking to your car
  • Check car for intruders
  • Ensure cell phone is fully charged, especially when driving
  • Secure/lock unattended bicycles or motorcycles

Campus Safety

  • If parked in off-campus lots; do not walk alone; walk in groups; arrange for an escort UHD Police Escort Assistance, or use the University shuttle bus service
  • Never leave property unattended in public places, even for a few minutes
  • Be alert—don't allow technology to distract; avoid wearing earplugs, headphones, or text/talk while walking
  • Familiarize yourself with fire safety plans and building evacuation routes
  • Keep important phone numbers on hand for fire, intrusion or other emergencies
  • Carry small amounts of cash
  • Do not post compromising or private information on social media
  • Report any unusual activity and suspicious individuals to UHD Police
  • Report lost and stolen property to UHD Police

Office Safety

  • Keep office doors and desk drawers closed and locked—during and after business hours
  • Report stolen keys to the UHD Police Department and lost keys to Facilities Management
  • Keep wallet, purse, cash and other valuables in a secure and locked location

For more information on the UHD Police Department and security services, FAQs, and crime statistics, visit the UHD Police Department's website.