10:06 AM

Three UHD Faculty Members Published in Journal of Family Strengths

The University of Houston-Downtown made a strong showing in the most recent edition of the Journal of Family Strengths, with two articles published by University faculty.

UHD's Dr. Noël Bezette-Flores and Sacha Lazarre of Neighborhood Centers Inc. published an article entitled, "Using Appreciative Inquiry to Identify Strengths in Refugee and Immigrant Families: Implication for Family and Community Assessment," in which the authors explored the effects of language and cultural barriers within various international communities. Specifically, the research focused on individuals' and families' knowledge of services and resources provided by the city of Houston, and to what extent these groups utilized those services. Read more.

Assistant professor of criminal justice Judith A. Harris joined Jennifer Herring of the Harris County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) to write an article highlighting the benefits of collaboration between academia and programs within an urban jail, citing the partnership between HCSO and UHD to develop a successful community reentry program. The article asserts that, "in addition to providing services for inmates, such a platform provides each student with ongoing career opportunities." Read more.

Rebecca Pfeffer, assistant professor of criminal justice, penned "Risk and Protective Factors for the Safety of Children with Autism: A Qualitative Study of Caregivers' Perspectives." Pfeffer explores the disproportionately higher rates at which children with autism are victimized compared to their typically-developing peers and proposes potential risk and protective factors in these cases.

Editor's note: The original version of this article unintentionally omitted a third recently published author, Rebecca Pfeffer.