07:09 PM

Take Public Transit and Become Eligible to Win Macy's Gift Cards!

Courtesy of Central Houston, Inc.

In an effort to encourage sustainable commutes to downtown, the Houston Downtown Management District and Central Houston are teaming up with Macy's and NuRide, Inc. to create a new incentive for taking greener trips: raffles for one $250 Macy's gift cards (in September) and one $200 Macy's Money gift (in October).

The September raffle has already begun for the $250 Macy's gift card and the drawing will be held on Sept. 24. But it's not too late to sign up!

How it works:

Employees working in downtown's zip codes (77002 or 77010) sign-up up at www.Nuride.com (free) to earn points for taking alternative modes of transit for their commutes. This includes park and ride, local or express bus, carpool options, bicycling and walking (more than ¼ mile). Each time commuters take a trip, they receive points which can be redeemed for rewards (coupons, theater tickets, etc.). A drawing will be held on Sept. 24 for a $250 Macy's gift card, and in late October for $200 of Macy's Money.

This incentive was created by the Downtown District, Central Houston, Macy's and NuRide, Inc. to reward individuals who are helping reduce traffic and pollution by using a commute alternative. "With about half of downtown commuters choosing bus, carpool or other alternatives, the downtown community leads the way when it comes to traveling green," says Bob Eury, executive director of the Downtown District. "We want to continue the enthusiasm and the awareness around commute alternatives by rewarding commuters for their contributions."

NRG Energy employee Gene Fisseler has been taking the bus from his home in Clear Lake for about 15 years. "Taking the bus reduces my commuting costs, eliminates parking challenges and minimizes the wear and tear on my pickup, while allowing me to work through email, read reports or just catch a bit more sleep in the morning instead of staring at the tailpipe in front of me."

"Because of transit options, the culture of employers encouraging sustainable choices, and all of the amenities available to employees within walking distance of their buildings, downtown's workforce has the lowest carbon footprint of any location in the region," adds Eury. "Having partners such as H-GAC, NuRide, Macy's and so many others is key to furthering our efforts to build a sustainable city."