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UHD News is the primary campus news source for the University of Houston-Downtown. It is a forum to applaud the accomplishments of alumni, students, faculty and staff; share important campus updates; and keep the community up-to-date on the latest happenings at UHD.

We look to you, our readers, to keep us informed about what is going on in your departments, classrooms, laboratories, athletic teams and student organizations. We encourage you to submit your story ideas to us via email. While we may not always be able to publish every submission, we will be in touch with you to learn more.

All UHD News submissions should be sent to Here are some guidelines to consider before submitting your UHD News story:

  1. Timing and Deadlines

The UHD News newsletter is distributed bi-weekly (Monday, Thursday) during the fall and spring semesters, and weekly (Monday) during the summer and winter terms. The deadline for inclusion in the newsletter is two weeks prior to the next distribution.

If you are submitting an announcement about an upcoming event, please do so at least three weeks prior to your scheduled event. This allows time to announce your event multiple times and generate attendance. We publish event announcements up to a week prior to the event date.

  1. Newsworthiness – Consider the following questions to help determine whether your story is newsworthy:
    • Impact – Does the event, occurrence or announcement have an impact on the broader University community, or is it more suitable for a departmental channel?
    • Timeliness – Does it relate to current events, or to the University’s current goals and vision, including the Strategic Plan 2020 and QEP?
    • Prominence – Is there an award, accolade or prominent figure involved? Is the program or event the first, the last or the best of its kind?
    • Human Interest – Is it a story about an individual who has overcome significant challenges, made valuable contributions to the community or grown personally through a specific experience?
  2. Basic Details – Answer journalism’s five W’s: who, what, when, where and why. Include a brief biography and/or noteworthy information about participants or speakers.
  3. Quotes Please provide quality quotes to support your story. Quotes can indeed add credibility and authority, as well as bring the story to life and add interest.
  4. Article Length – Most UHD News stories are about 250-300 words, but they can be longer if necessary to convey important details. All stories will be edited according to University best practices and to meet Associated Press style standards. Each newsletter typically includes about seven to ten stories.
  5. Graphics – If available, submit a graphic or photo with the story including the names and titles of those in the photo(s). Photos should be a minimum of 750 x 500 pixels. Readers react more positively to candid, action shots versus “stand and smile” photos. Be mindful of lighting and backgrounds.
  6. Contact information – Please provide your name, title, email address and phone number so we can follow up if necessary.